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Cyperus albostriatus 'Nanus' - Dwarf Umbrella Plant

Cyperus alternifolius - Umbrella Plant

Cyperus alternifolius 'Gracilis' - Miniature Umbrella Plant

Cyperus involucratus - Umbrella Plant

Cyperus involucratus 'Baby Tut' - Baby Tut Umbrella Grass

Cyperus papyrus - Papyrus

Cyperus papyrus 'King Tut' - King Tut Egyptian Papyrus

Eichhornia crassipes - Water Hyacinth

Equisetum hyemale 'var. affine' - Scouring Rush Horsetail

Myriophyllum aquaticum - Parrot Feather

Nymphaea 'Attraction' - Attraction Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Avalanche' - Avalanche Tropical Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Barbara Dobbins' - Barbara Dobbins Hardy Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Blue Beauty' - Blue Beauty Tropical Water Lily

Nymphaea 'Bullseye' - Bullseye Tropical Water Lily

Typha gracilis - Cattail

Typha minima - Miniature Cattail

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